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Antonela Roccuzzo surprised with a retouch on her face


Antonela Roccuzzo she was encouraged to do a lash lift and showed the results. The wife of Lionel Messi shared his new makeover to his millions of followers.

“Happy with the result of the eyelash lift,” he wrote Antonela.

The eyelash lift is a technique that aims to stretch and lift the eyelashes natural from the root. Behind the lifting, the eyelashes Natural hairs will appear visibly denser and longer without the need for extensions, creating an effect of greater length and thickness reaching all hairs, even the shortest ones.

Antonela Roccuzzo and a strong response to Messi’s separation rumors
a “fake news” about the present of Antonela Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi It went viral in the last hours: they maintained that the couple was on the verge of divorce. After the commotion that arose, the Rosario, coincidentally? decided to publish a strong message on her networks that would end up denying the separation between her and the crack of world football.

In fact, Anto and Lio are better than ever and she left it that way when she published some images on the occasion of the promotion of the last season of the series “This is Us”.

While it was striking that Antonela chose to share the video just when there was talk of separation – although it was surely just a coincidence – in the published material the young woman is seen happy, enjoying life as a family.

With the background dialogue of the famous show, the advertising shows Anto and his family through elements: Leo Messi’s mate, the youngest’s pacifier, a drawing of the middle son and a ball, the oldest. Immediately after, she looks happily at the hand where she Alliance that he shares with the soccer player and caresses.



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