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Top 9 Greatest Games Of FC Barcelona To Rewatch Over And Over


Greatest games of FC Barcelona is a classification which, summarizes their most extraordinary games. Winner of 74 domestic trophies and 20 other international one, they still know how to keep their reputation. Barcelona has shown that it is one of the most competitive football teams.

Their most prominent matches have time spans in different periods, on the other hand the quality of the game has remained the same. The professionalism of this team has managed to make a difference in relation to other teams. Their game consists of punctuality, group cooperation, and mutual player-coach relationship.

Internationally known as one of the most complete teams, FC Barcelona has maintained its standards from day one until today. The best players play for this team, the most beautiful game is made possible by this them, their style is among the most specials. These are some of the factors that make this team shine every time they play.

I invite you to watch a match every evening for the next 9 days. It’s gonna be your relaxing time.

9 Greatest Games Of FC Barcelona To Rewatch Over And Over

#1 Real Madrid 2-6 Barcelona (2009)

A game played with high energy, which was followed by many goals and action.

#2 Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona (2011)

Everyone eagerly awaited this match, and the Catalans team did not disappoint, they never do. (Almost never).

#3 Barcelona 3-2 Valencia (2001)

Goals were scored by both teams increasing the intensity of the action.

#4 Barcelona 4-0 AC Milan (2013)

It has been a long time since Milan topped the football lists. But even then Barcelona could not be stopped by anyone.

#5 Barcelona 3-0 Göteborg (1986)

In my personal opinion, the most beautiful time of this sport has existed in these period. The primary goal was football and players, not the marketing of different companies as is the case today.

#6 Barcelona 6-1 PSG (2017)

The goals created a show to remember.

#7 Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United (2011)

Football excites me every time I see it. I can get excited by a goal, a kind reaction or an energetic game.

#8 Sampdoria 0-1 Barcelona (1992)

The magic was created after that goal, the emotion came to me. Just like me, the team, the fans or any football fan are happy.

#9 Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid (2010)

Standard or performance increases when played for the same purposes. The main goal is the title, which has pushed all these years the protagonists of this sport to give their heart on the field of play. Remember that footballers have a personal life as well. But when it comes to the sport of football they forget everything and donate the most beautiful match they can.


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